Whenever I talk to people about Hosie Naturals, I generally get the question:

What makes yours different from all of the other natural skincare products?

I’d like to expand upon the label on our little unassuming brown jars.

7 Things To Know About Hosie Naturals:

1)     We’re natural… No, really, we’re natural! The word “natural” is thrown around so loosely in labeling these days that it’s become meaningless. If we’re talking about the truest meaning of the word being “existing in nature”, then that bottle of natural shampoo with sodium benzoate on the label doesn’t meet the criteria. Hosie Naturals products are made with real, minimally processed ingredients. When avocado oil or geranium is on the label, it hasn’t been so altered that it’s just an essence of its original form. We prefer our ingredients straight from the earth without the chemical-altering middle man.


2) And just to one-up the natural claim: All ingredients are non-GMO and most are either organic, wild crafted or food grade. Unrefined cold pressed oils and raw butters are incorporated into our formulas with their specific melting point in mind (most are not heated). All of this is important so that each ingredient’s beneficial properties remain intact to yield the best product possible.

3) There is no water in any of our formulas. Even a small amount of water in cosmetics can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold growth. This is one of the reasons why companies must put yucky preservatives in their cosmetics. Leaving the water out of our products means that we can give our customers an undiluted product free of preservatives. The high concentration of active ingredients means a little goes a long way. That seemingly little bottle will last you quite awhile.

4) We choose high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential oils are what remains after plants go through a special distillation process. All of the plant’s beneficial properties and delicious aroma become super concentrated. There are numerous essential oils that are thought to be healing and rejuvenating to the skin.  These are key in making Hosie Naturals products effective.

5) Each ingredient has a purpose. All ingredients in each product are beneficial for the skin. Along with being free of chemical preservatives and synthetics, there are no fillers. You get a fully active and potent product.

6) Small batches. Making our products in small batches means that they don’t sit around a warehouse waiting to be bought. We’d rather products are fresh and effective for daily use in your medicine cabinet instead of stale and dusty at our home office.

7) Best of all, everything smells amazing! I’ve been guilty of taking little whiffs of our Love Your Labor Oil when I wasn’t in labor. It’s herbal and flowery and yummy and I can’t stay away!