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As a teenager, I was easy prey for any product that marketed beautiful, radiant skin. I'd beg my mom for any new skin care product that promised to make my acne vanish, my skin glow and my confidence soar. Not all of those were cheap either (sorry, Mom). I wound up with a cabinet full of half empty bottles and the same old face staring back at me in the mirror. 


When I discovered real food and started ditching my chemical-laden facial products, my major cystic acne problem did disappear. Alleluia. 


When I started oil cleansing, I saw a great improvement in my skin. Those occasional breakouts almost completely ceased. My skin stopped oscillating between overly oily and dry and tight and finally just relaxed in a beautiful place in between. I started wearing makeup only occasionally to enhance and not to cover up.


I thought when the acne cleared, my skin would look flawless. But I found myself feeling dissatisfied  Now that I no longer had to focus on my blemishes, I got to see the up close and personal damage a few decades can do to one's skin.


Sun damage.

Toxins from all of my skin care experiments.

Acne scarring.

Dry patches.


As thrilled as I was that the acne was gone, I was less than satisfied with the dull, pock-marked face I was left with. I overheard talk about fine lines and wrinkles from ladies just a mere generation ahead of me and thought I should just enjoy this semi-happy middle stage without acne or wrinkles. 


But I can feel that fine-lined future creeping up on my face. I'm getting a wicked little pair of lines forming between my brows that DON'T GO AWAY when I stop furrowing my brows in concentration. I suspect their formation began during college statistics class.


Now I'm a mama to two littles and I know I have a life of worry ahead of me and not a lot of time or money to to do expensive treatments on my skin to keep it youthful looking. I moved from fine-line denial to wrinkly acceptance. I was pretty happy with my oil-cleansing routine with an occasional dab of coconut oil for moisturizing.


Then I was introduced to the face serum.


I decided to test it overnight to let it do its thing completely uninterrupted by daily activity. 


In my mind, I was only thinking of the face serum as another moisturizer, but was honestly floored when I looked in the mirror first thing in the morning.


My skin looked BRIGHT.

And dewy. Fifteen year old me would be doing some serious cartwheels.


Night #2: Tried Deeply Nourishing Face Serum again. A tiny dab goes a long way. I spread it thinly over my face and neck.

Morning #2: My skin looked bright and even again and I noticed that the old acne scars were already reducing. Like, not red scars, but actually the pock marks. 


On day two of using the face serum, my husband even commented that my skin was looking brighter and smoother. A few days later, he walked in the door and asked if I noticed anything different about his face. His skin looked "buffed" smooth and I immediately knew he had snagged some of my face serum.


If you're taking really hard college courses, seeking compliments from your significant other or worry a lot - Deeply Nourshing Face Serum is for you.


How does the face serum work?

Serums are typically used under a moisturizer or a mask. The face serum acts as a vehicle to pull the moisture more deeply into skin.

Each base oil is nutrient dense but at a perfect proportion so that it is very rich, yet soaks right into the skin easily and penetrates deeply.


I find it sufficient as an occasional deep moisturizer because my skin isn't overly dry, plus I live in the Deep South with 400% humidity. I usually pull the face serum out of my arsenal of skin care products when my face feels blah and needs some serious lovin'.


My skin feels amazing. What is in the Hosie Naturals face serum that makes it so effective?

There are no unpronounceable ingredients that give Hosie Face Serum its magical effects, just carefully selected ingredients from Mother Nature's bounty.

A combination of cold pressed oils and skin repairing essential oils create a serum that deeply penetrates and repairs skin. Hosie Naturals Face Serum contains. Carrot seed oil and geranium oil are some of nature's best skin care oils. They work in this serum to balance out the skin's oil production and rejuvenate dull looking skin. 

Some other benefits of Hosie's face serum:

*Due to some of the essential oils used in Hosie's Depply Nourishing Face Serum, we do not recommend this product for pregnant women.



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