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About Our Background and Founder

Hosie Naturals is the result of many years of research into raw ingredients and their benefits to the body, both internally and externally. Our founder, Kari Smith created the concept of Hosie Naturals while working in a health food store and struggling to find personal care products that were truly pure and natural: minimally processed and free of unnecessary ingredients, harmful chemicals, and preservatives. She knew that there had to be a better way, and always had a passion for research, experimentation, and helping others. When the news broke that her only sister was expecting her first baby, a little boy, she was overjoyed and decided it was time to create some essential baby products.


A butt balm was born.


Of course, over the years it has been perfected and is now one of our best selling products (and it's safe for cloth diapers too!).



Kari and her daughterIn 2009, Hosie Naturals was officially founded when Kari discovered she was expecting her first baby and was determined to be a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) so she could stay by her daughters side. After earning a natural skin care certification as a Liscensed Esthetician she spent the latter months of pregnancy perfecting the products she was currently using, as well as those she intended to use during the natural birth of her own daughter and on her pure silky skin afterwards. In 2010 Hosie Naturals was officially launched with Hosie Mama and Hosie Baby- an assortment of pregnancy, postpartum, and baby products gently blended specifically for this extra special time. The response was overwhelming! The products were immediately picked up by retailers and birth professionals alike, and are featured in the birth center where she was blessed with a beautiful waterbirth (they just couldn't resist the divine smell of the birthing oil).

Hosie Naturals remains a small family owned company, though the line is now expanding to bring you an array of products for your skin, hair, home, and pets.