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Rating: 5/5

Butt Balm

Manufacturer: Hosie Naturals
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Soothe and protect your baby's tender bottom with a butt balm blended to create a moisture barrier to keep baby’s skin silky smooth while soothing irritation.


Apply during each diaper change during periods of irritation..


Can also be used on minor scrapes, rashes, dry skin, bug bites, eczema, and burns.

*Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sal Butter, *Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, *Beeswax, *Castor Oil, *Rosehip Oil, *Calendula, Essential Oils of: *Lavender and *Chamomile

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Monday, 27 August 2012
The Butt Balm Bomb! When my LO was in diapers it healed any diaper rash within an hour of being on! Now we must keep it on tap because it cures insect bites, burns, cuts, scrapes, if you're chaffed, and my husband's contact detritus! He's been to a dermatologist for it and has used everything Rx and OTC...not sure why we waited so long to try the butt balm but it's the ONLY thing that's healed his feet! There's nothing else like this out there!
Ashley Domingue