Our Products and Formulations

Our products are minimally processed. We believe that each ingredient serves its purpose best in its most natural, whole state and we formulate with each products melting point in mind. We never apply heat to our precious oils or therapeutic grade essential oils in the manufacturing process therefore retaining their purity and potency.


Only the finest raw beneficial ingredients are used. Whenever possible we choose ingredients that are organic or wildcrafted, certified food grade, and unrefined cold pressed oils and butters.


Due to the handmade nature of our products there may be slight variations in batches.


Though we do our very best to strain the products thoroughly ocassionally you my find a piece of mother nature, left behind in an unrefined butter or a small piece of herb from an infusion.


Raw ingredients, such as coconut oil or shea butter, readily solidify in colder temps and melt at higher temps. Should you notice any graininess or what appears like crystallization in a product please know that this is normal for these types of products as each ingredient has a different melting point. If a balm is a little too hard just hold between your fingers for a minute and it will start to soften before application.


We strive to bring you products that are suitable for everyone's needs. On occasion, under certain circumstances we have tweaked formulations for customers due to an uncommon allergy. Most of our mama and baby lines are formulated without the use of common allergens, such as nut oils.


 Ingredients are always fully disclosed on containers and on our website.